From time immemorial mounted warriors have used a variety of weapons in battle. Besides lances and swords, deadly weapons like battle-axes and maces were used. It was essential for these mounted warriors to practice their skills with these weapons before battle. Equally certain, they would have engaged in mounted sports for recreation. An ancient painting from Asia depicts a mounted warrior honing his skills while carrying three weapons; namely lance, sword and bow and arrow.  

In medieval times, mounted knights of old used both lance and sword in battle. They exercised their skills with both weapons in preparation for war or jousting in the Lists. 
Later on, mounted troops carrying lance, sword and revolver used these weapons on the practice track.
2010 Ladies Equestrian Tentpegging: South Africa v Great Britain
Where shall I start....We had to find countries for our teams to compete against. The first venue we had was the Royal Show at Pietermaritzberg. Pat Vorster invited the Omani and Egyptian Ladies to compete against us. We had a provisional date of 18 Sept for the junior boys against Pakistan. The Ladies couldn't make the Royal show at the end of May so Pat Vorster invited them for 9 August.  Soon enough we realised that Oman and Egypt weren't able to come. Middle July I contacted Angela from England and also made contact with Casper from Namibia. 9 August was too soon for them and, and still under the impression that we had Shongweni as a venue, I asked England to come for 18 Sept. By now Pakistan, who chose the date of 18 Sept cancelled their trip. We thought that we could get the juniors to ride against Namibia on 28 August at a big Equestrian event at Shongweni. Unfortunately Namibia couldn't make it then. Pat then tried for the junior teams and the SA ladies team to ride against England. The British accepted and were excited to have more than one competition.
Junior Equestrian Tentpegging Test South Africa vs Israel
10 December 2010

The South African Junior team consisted of;

Bianca Zanninello (Capt Girls), Marthella Steenkamp, Fraser Heckroodt (Capt Boys), HW Stapelberg, Charl Theron
Deon Steenkamp – Coach, John Coetzee – Manager

The Israeli Junior Team consisted of;
Nadav Tsahor, Coral Green, Ron Marcus, Nave Ben Dror
Udi Ben-Eliyahu – Manager

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